Lawrence Slater Lawrence Slater - Artworks

Project Scope: 3D CAD Design, Hand Finishing, Hand Polishing, Metal Laser Cutting

Lawrence Slater

Lawrence is a 27 year-old creative born in the Midlands and now living in South East London. He graduated in graphic design from London College of Communication in 2013. His work is made up of simple shapes and bold colours.

Lawrence wanted to bring his illustrations to life and required a series of his drawings cut from 1.5mm mild steel. His idea was to create interior objects for decoration. We first cut out his drawings on our metal laser cutter and once everything was cut we painted the metal with 2K lacquer.

2K Lacquers are often based on the same resins as 2 pack paints, hence their much-increased weather and chemical resistance compared to air drying lacquers. When activated and thinned as directed, the application is usually by two or three normal coats with recommended flash-off times between each coat.

Paint application & mixing ratio: 2 parts clear lacquer, 1 part 2k hardener and 10% 2k thinner to volume mixed material.