Emiliana Gualtieri Amoretti Weddings

Project Scope: Fabrication, Laser Cutting

Emiliana Gualtieri

AMORETTI WEDDINGS is a company that specialise in creating ultimate pastries, savouries & craft beverages for special events. Along with their specialties they are constantly innovating and creating new masterpieces. Amoretti ventures into unknown territories time and time again, winning over millions of customers with delicious new products like premium syrups, organic extra virgin oil, cookie spreads, martini & cocktail mixes and much much more.

For this project Amoretti wanted us to create wedding invitations as well as customised table numbers.

To create the wedding invitations we laser cut 360 units of their rose design on gold and black paper. Putting the black paper behind the gold to create the contrast between the two layers. For the customised table numbers, we laser cut 3mm thick gold mirrored and black gloss acrylic.

Before laser cutting the acrylic, we put on adhesive tape to the back of the black acrylic as it had to be stuck onto the gold acrylic, creating the same theme as the wedding invitations.

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