Axel Balazsi Deviate From Function

Project Scope: 3D CAD Design, 3D Modelling, CNC Routing, Hand Finishing, Installation, Laser Engraving

Axel Balazsi

AXEL BALAZSI is a visual artist that focus on painting and installation art as his medium. His installations formulate abstract narratives of how form follows function and how objects deviate from its functionality. It reflects upon the process of how we transfer ideas into the material world. The work becomes a game of seducing the viewer into deceiving distorted ideas. It create a form of riddle for the viewers, where the answer is not obvious yet present within the work.

Axel approached us with free issued MDF and colour melamine. We cut his 3D material on the CNC machine and then engraved his artwork onto the surface before putting them together.

To create different engraving effects we used our C02 laser for light engraving and used our dynamic galvo laser for a more intense/deeper engraving.