If you're a fashion designer, costume designer, set designer, interior designer, or window display tailor, try our test cutting service.

In the know

We can laser cut a many different fabrics, from silk, chiffon, wool, cotton, leather, metal, and PVC. Whether it’s a blue chip brand or the small design maker, we have something for everyone.

We laser cut cotton, linen, polyester, silk, chiffon, organza, wool, felt, leather, suede, latex rubber, neoprene, tyvek, nylon, rayon, acrylic, specialist or performance fabrics and many more.

Put us to the test.

We can test cut anything from leather to metal, so you don’t risk wasting time and resources on your designs. We offer a test cutting facility for specialist and unusual materials.

Step 1

Call us, call in, or send us an email telling us a bit about your project and how we can help you.

Step 2

We will let you know the cost and timeframe required to deliver your project.

Step 3

We will collaborate with you to turn your designs in to a finished piece.

Never say never.

With access to the latest cutting-edge technology, we can help you break through any design barriers and create high-quality complex designs. We’ve got the skills and expertise to deliver on your vision.

We care

We pride ourselves on being the industry leaders when it comes to cutting services, working with individuals and businesses in a wide variety of sectors to produce high-quality products and artwork.

Fashion designers in the couture sector use our services to create bespoke and short runs of fashion pieces. You can trust us to bring your ideas to life, and fulfil your project, quickly and efficiently.

Unlimited possibilities.

We know how to handle complex designs with our team of laser cutting fabric specialists. Our experts will help you out with any material challenges and produce high quality, complex designs for your fashion design needs.

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