We offer a range of services for architects including:
Model miniatures, design features, signage, bespoke components, shape and form art, fabrication, and much more...

More than just models.

We offer laser cut services for architects and model makers. Whether small, intricate model designs, or large scale commercial properties such as shops, hotels, and offices, we have the skills and experience to assist you.

Bespoke art, furniture and attention to detail.
We offer a complete service for architects from model makers to create custom bespoke furniture, art, signage and one-off designs.

Design without compromise.

Architecture and construction is a fine balance between strength and aesthetics. A lot of thought goes into the shape and form, as well as structural integrity, that’s where Laser Cutting services can help create unique design features without compromising strength and stability.

Step 1

Call us, call in, or send us an email telling us a bit about your project and how we can help.

Step 2

We will let you know the cost and timeframe required to deliver your project.

Step 3

We will work with you to turn your designs into reality.

Visualising your project is the key to success.

Grate Miniatures give your team space to consider what could be improved in the moment allowing for real-time conversions leading to the discovery of previously unseen flaws or inspiring them to take their design to newer and bolder levels.

We care

As industry leaders, we value our working relationships with Architects, and we pride ourselves on the quality products and services that we provide.

We help Architects to create bespoke models, fit-outs, lighting fixtures, fabrication as well as signage. It means you’ll be able to bring your ideas to life and complete your projects, quickly and efficiently.

From simple jobs to complex projects.

If you’re looking to work with metal or other materials to create Design Features, Signage, Components, Fabrication, bespoke lighting and the many other applications that help Shape & Form your project;

Just know we have the machines and knowledge to bring your vision to life.

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