Chris Connors & Elliot Cox OPO

Project Scope: Fabrication, Hand Finishing, Laser Engraving, Metal Laser Cutting

Chris Connors & Elliot Cox OPO

BEBOX is a wellness technology studio creating immersive, impactful experiences for the modern conscious generation. We believe that wellness is a human right. Our vision for BeBox is guided by the desire to expand and improve our daily quality of life through greater mental, physical and emotional wellness experiences. Science-supported health benefits inherent in our products and places mean that we directly impact one of the great epidemics of our time: stress – in all of its forms.

What is OPO?

OPO is your personal interactive guide that pairs mindful soundscapes with the views around you, creating a new inspiring way for you to access the powerful world of meditation. Use the OPO app to discover an OPO spot on the map and seek out our little totems on benches, seats and designated areas. Once you find the totem, tap your phone on it to open the OPO journey for that spot.

You are now ready to immerse in a meditation journey, scientifically designed to relax and de-stress your whole system and leave you ready and alert for whatever comes your way next. Relax and breathe in the view

Our first constellation of five OPOs is at The Tide, Greenwich Peninsula, London. More and more OPOs will appear around the globe at inspiring outdoor public spaces, art galleries, museums, hotels, workplaces…