William cossey // Do No Harm 2

Project Scope: Hand Finishing, Hand Polishing, Installation, Laser Cutting, Metal Laser Cutting

William Cossey Do No Harm 2

Miss Bugs again with the fun, interesting, unique installations. She has passion for craft and chooses to play with limitations in her designs. We were approached to laser cut different emojis/shapes in the smallest size possible without distorting the details of the design. It required trial and error but we got there in the end to produce this flawless 3D artwork.

Each emoji was around 10-15mm in size. Precision and accuracy was needed in order to allow every step of the process to move along smoothly. Once the acrylic and metal came together, it looked impressive. The little metal pieces were popped out and sanded down by the client to create a smooth surface as they were specific on how they wanted the end result to be.

If you are working on something that is as fragile and delicate as this, here at LaserCut Works we take time and care in producing the best quality result need to satisfy the client. Contact us if you need our service!