Oliver Ruuger

Oliver Ruuger // Luxury bespoke briefcase
Project Scope: Design Consultation, Hand Finishing, Laser Engraving

Oliver Ruuger // Luxury bespoke briefcase

Oliver Ruuger is a London based design studio, headed by designer and craftsmen Oliver Ruuger and Volker Koch. The company produces high-end luxury accessories, exquisitely crafted objects d’art and unique sculptural products.

With an obsessive attention to detail, the brand employs exquisite natural materials with a high level of innovative craftsmanship, producing avant-garde fashion products. Often described by onlookers as mysterious artefacts, the brand’s products have a certain alchemistic quality about them.

We combined our creative high-tech laser-engraving knowledge

with Oliver Ruuger’s traditional leather-working skills to produce the engraved surface details in Ruuger’s distinctive luxury leather accessories. Each piece of high-quality leather is painstaking laser-engraved with Oliver Ruuger’s detailed hand drawings on our laser-engraving machines, hand-finished by Oliver Ruuger and his team of master craftsmen.