Frontier Economics 20 HEX

Project Scope: CNC Routing, Design Consultation, Hand Finishing, Installation, Laser Cutting

Frontier Economics 20 HEX

FRONTIER ECONOMICS is a microeconomic consultancy providing economic advice to public and private sector clients on matters of competition policy, public policy, regulation, business strategy and behavioural economics.

For their 20th anniversary project, the client was looking for a bold promotional prop to be used in a conference they were holding in Germany. The prop that we created for the client was a large scale ‘two’ and ‘zero’ to form the number twenty. These models were CNC routed out of large pieces of Ply.

The numbers consisted of two layers, a base layer as a foundation creating solid shapes of the digits and another consisting of multiple hexagons forming a honeycomb-like pattern.

The hexagons occupying the inside space were completely laser cut all the way through, whereas the hexagons forming the outline of the numbers were etched to give a ‘cut out’ effect. The shapes were then placed back together like a puzzle. Once all components were CNC routed they were professionally sanded to create a smooth finish, both layers were then glued together followed by the rest of the hexagon pieces filling the top layer completely leaving both shapes covered in a hexagon pattern.