Daniel Heath Mirror engraving

Project Scope: Laser Engraving

Daniel Heath Mirror engraving

DANIEL HEATH is a British award winning textile designer renowned for his illustrative designs. Based in the heart of East London, the maker has upheld the respect of craftsmanship and use of sustainable material. Trained in the process of silk-screen printing at the Royal College of Art, he set up his studio to create hand printed wallpapers and crafted interior surfaces.

Mirrors are a very delicate material to handle with laser, it requires precision and no room for mistakes. LaserCut Works take on a very professional character when dealing with clients’ projects in order to achieve the best result.

For this project, we laser engraved the artwork on the back of the mirror allowing the beautiful design to show through on the other side.

After the engraving was complete we polished both sides in order to get rid of dust that was created during the laser engraving process.

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