Blueprint Theatre Margaret Bursa exhibition displays

Project Scope: Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving

Blueprint Theatre Margaret Bursa exhibition displays

When a prospective client approaches you with an interesting project that they need help designing and producing, but then says that there isn’t much budget (understatement), what do you do? We got busy!

The Blueprint Theatre Company is a small independent theatre founded by Sally Grey, Mark Rose and Mark Sands. They all met whilst working on a European tour of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. They use alternative art forms to explore the world of our plays, and the theatre is known for integrity, quality and excellence. The Blueprint Theatre aims to be inspirational and relevant to everyone.

Their brief to us was to create a modular display system to display a collection of photographic stills for an exhibition at the Blueprint theatre.

With a very low budget for fabricating the displays and frames, we had to look for low cost but not low quality in appearance. We designed a system made of cardboard. Sustainable and utilitarian in feel. Large tri-wall sheets donated by local suppliers in support of the exhibition were delivered to our studio where they were laser cut and assembled into intelligent display structures. A beautiful solution.