Autonnic Acrylic Indicators

Project Scope: Laser Cutting

Autonnic Acrylic Indicators

Having made components to power the world of yachting electronics for decades, Autonnic lives and breathes accuracy and quality. Guided by the elegance involved in yacht design, Autonnic does not believe that instruments should be a visual compromise on board. Out at sea intuitive design and usability are key to staying safe and ensuring an enjoyable experience. The Autonnic research philosophy provides its’ customers with frequently used navigation data they can trust in a glance, at any time, anywhere on-board.

Our client for this project came to us with designs printed on the acrylic that needed to be cut out. The designs consisted of components that once cut out and assembled would go on to make the new Autonnic indicators that were to be fitted in yachts.

“The new Autonnic Indicators have been created to combine practical functionality alongside classic watch-like design. They are equally at home mounted in the saloon for information purposes, in the cockpit for vital passage making data at a glance or anywhere in-between.

Clear, easy to read analogue gauges combined with clever lighting features, provide seamless day to night readability” – Autonnic

Autonnic had the indicator designs printed onto acrylic which was then provided to Lasercut Works. In order to not interfere with the pre-existing prints, a file was created that lined up perfectly with the supplied acrylic. After completion of the file, cutting commenced on one of our C02 laser machines. All components were cut perfectly, ready for assembling by the Autonnic team.